● Plug & Play Principle
● Build in Compressed Air supply / Ultra Silent
● Supports 1 or 2 LC/MS systems


The AviFlow series is one of the most important standard nitrogen generators Avilo produces. Available in 8 capacities and fully adjusted to the use within the lab environment. Over 40 laboratories in the Netherlands alone depend on the reliability of an Avilo unit. Especially the AviFlow 2-50, which is used mainly as a nitrogen source for LC/MS applications. With a standard capacity of 46 liters per minute at 98% purity, this unit is perfectly suitable to easily operate 2 LC/MS. 

All AviFlow units are Plug-in ready, equipped with excellent dependable build in compressors and compressed air pre-treatment. The AviFlow is the quietest generator in its class. Also unique is the silent frequency controlled axial cooling fan. Which ensures that the unit has outstanding heat balance and continuously delivers nitrogen year after year.

AV6 / AV9 DisplayThe front of the cabinet houses a 3,5" full color display. It provides information such as; nitrogen pressure and purity, generator running hours, several datalogs, and maintenance history. Furthermore it lets the user set different notifications and alarms when for example; certain purity or pressure levels are breached. This feature is truly unique within the nitrogen generator market and comes in 8 pre-installed languages.

To save energy and reduce the number of operation hours, it is highly recommended to apply the AviFlow together with a nitrogen buffer vessel. It is also possible to connect multiple units if more capacity is required.

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