● Up to 30 Car tyres an hour
● Plug-in Ready
● Fast return on investmen


The Avilo TyreGas 3.3 is a small nitrogen generator that can be connected to your existing compressed air supply. Fed with dry compressed air it delivers tyre ready nitrogen (95%) without any electricity or moving parts. The Avilo TyreGas 3.3 fills up to 30 (car)tyres an hour. Our other generators within the TyreGas series go up to 200 tyres an hour. Avilo will basically deliver any capacity required. Feel free to contact us for information about the possibilities. 

The Avilo TyreGas 3.3 is build into a wall mount cabinet.  It includes a high quality pre-filtration train to ensures the expensive nitrogen producing membrane is protected from any harmful particles and the generator last for years, paying itself back multiple times within its lifespan. 

Installation is very easy. The generator can almost directly be connect to your filling piston, we only recommend the use of a buffervessel in between. This is much better for the overall condition of the generator and ensures there's no extra filling time compared to compressed air. It also reduces the units  running hours, thus saving energy use of your compressor. Avilo can of course deliver and install all the necessary components for a complete nitrogen tyre filling installation.

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Specifications TyreGas 3.3