● Available in every Capacitiy and Puritiy
● Custom build to your specifications
● Suprisingly fast delivery times


Avilo takes great pride in the fact that, with the experience and expertise of our team, we’ve always found a solution for clients that requested a system or product with challenging requirements. With our “Specials” we offer clients custom build nitrogen and compressed air solutions that seamlessly connect to their application, whatever that may be.

With capacities from 1lpm up to 1000m3 an hour or more these “Specials” can be as small as a shoebox, scaling up to full industrial sized installations. 

For more information and all possibilities, please contact our sales-office at +31 (0)187 481366 or email us.

Avilo Specials (options)

  • Product development
  • Private labeling
  • Skid systems
  • System build in (40ft.) container
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Custom controller
  • Many more....

Examples of Avilo Specials

AVMINI243PNEU Stikstof Generator

Shoebox sized nitrogen generator

(Developed for a manufacturer of hotmelt systems)

MidiGas SKID






Modulair PSA system on an aluminium frame

(PSA-generator: Parker D-H MidiGas 4)




Avilo steel skid designs

(Various sizes possible, Avilo delivers these units worldwide to a variety of industries)






In-house programmed controllers

(custom interface, remote accessing & control capabilities, privat labelling options)

Turnkey nitrogen and compressed air systems