● Made for users of the Waters ACQUITY® QDa® mass detector
● Constant pressure and flow
● Installation & Maintenance easily done by user


The BaseFlow Nitrogen generator from AVILO has been specially designed for laboratories using the Waters ACQUITY® QDa® Mass Detector. Utilizing field proven membrane technology, the unit delivers the right amount & purity nitrogen gas without any moving parts or startup-time. Making it the most reliable form of point-of-use (PoU) nitrogen generation on the market. Stable flow & pressure and the correct purity of the nitrogen product were the main focus during the engineering of this generator. Resulting in a compact unit that’s very easy to use while providing a reliable, stable nitrogen flow for various analytical instruments.

User friendly 

The best thing about the BaseFlow nitrogen Generator is its simplicity. Installation, commissioning and maintenance can easily be done by operator without any technical knowledge, using the easy to follow quick installation guide and step by step maintenance procedures. Just connect the unit to a compressed air source and the application,That´s all! Maintenance, requires only 1 screwdriver and takes a maximum of 15 min of the operators time.

Installation GuideFeed the Waters ACQUITY® QDa® Mass Detector with N2 from a BaseFlow Nitrogen Generator

We always keep close contact with various manufacturers of analytic instruments to make sure our generators provide the right gas for their devices. The BaseFlow has been fieldtested succesfully* with the Waters ACQUITY® QDa® mass detector and its regulators are factory set to the right settings for the ACQUITY® QDa® Mass Detector in single detection mode. Plug in & Use. 


  • N2 gas with a stable flow and outlet pressure 
  • No need for unsafe cylinders or bulk supply
  • Easy to use & Easy maintenance by user
  • Production without moving parts
  • Reliable membrane technology
  • Flexible & Compact design
  • No need for electricity
  • Ultra silent operation
  • Build in filtration