● Available in 9 capacities
● Low maintenance (costs)
● Support up to 10 LC/MS systems


The new AV50 is the most reliable nitrogen solution for high-quality LC-MS applications and other analysis applications in a laboratory environment where compressed air is already present. Available in various capacities and adjustable in pressure and N2 purity. There is always an AV50 that seamlessly connects to the nitrogen consumption of your instrument(s).

Integrated high-quality compressed air pre-treatment guarantees the delivery of a high-quality dry nitrogen gas that is free from impurities and is immediately ready for use.

To guarantee quality, the production of nitrogen is continuously monitored by internal sensors. A simple display of the measured values ​​can be read directly and up to a year ago on the touch display. The intuitive AVILO OS5 software also informs the user about required maintenance and enables them to set numerous alarm values ​​and set points. This to protect the application / analysis and the generator itself in the event of a complication upstream.

The AV50 is produced & designed with 24/7 nitrogen production in mind. After commissioning, the generator will automatically start and stop production, depending on the applications demand, without any user input.