A nitrogen filled tyre maintains it's pressure far longer than one filled with normal air and displaces the moisture within the tyre, keeping it dry. Large tyres can loose 2 psi per month as a result of air passing through the rubber - like a balloon that shrivels up, but slower. Nitrogencells in the other hand can't permeate the rubber that quick. In addition, nitrogen is inert and much dryer as normal air which contains about 20% oxygen. Oxygen corrodes the inner rim and the steel cords whitin the rubber while passing through, while nitrogen leaves al materials unaffected. 

Filling tyres with nitrogen is benificial for both user as seller

These properties make a nitrogen filled tyre last longer, much safer and increase the fuel efficiency. Avilo offers a range of nitrogen generators that can be connected to the existing compressed air supply and automatically generate tyre-ready nitrogen. 'Low maintenance costs' and 'good return value' are keywords when it comes to these units. For larger capacities we like to inform you about the possibilities, feel free to contact us. Avilo can of course deliver, install and maintain the necessary compressor equipment and piping as well.  

Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation
for User for Seller
Increased fuel efficiency Distinguish from competitors
Longer tyre life Create customer loyalty
Safer (less change of a blowout) Boost revenue oppertunities 
No corrosion of the inner rim  Quick pay back time
Overall lower carbonfootprint  Commercially vialble


    ● Up to 30 Car tyres an hour
    ● Plug-in Ready
    ● Fast return on investmenSpecifications 
    ● Up to 40 Car tyres an hour
    ● Plug-in Ready
    ● Fast return on investmentSpecifications 
    ● Up to 200 car tyres an hour
    ● Up to 14 truck tyres an hour
    ● Plug-in readySpecifications