● Available in 9 capacities
● Low maintenance (costs)
● Connects to compressed air system


The all-new AV51 is the most complete nitrogen generator for the small to medium-sized nitrogen consumer. A versatile generator based on reliable membrane technology that can be used for various applications.

Easy to use, compact in size and low in maintenance without compromising on quality. Extensive compressed air pre-treatment removes particles, oil vapors, ozone and odor / flavorings from the incoming compressed air. As a result the AV51 can, if fed with clean and dry compressed air, also produce food-grade nitrogen.

To guarantee quality, the production of nitrogen is continuously monitored by internal sensors. A clear display of the measured values ​​can be viewed directly on the touchscreen and are stored in the log for up to a year. In addition, the extensive and intuitive AVILO OS5 software enables the user to set numerous alarm values ​​and set points. This to protects the application as well as the generator itself in the event of a complication upstream.

The AV51 is produced & designed with 24/7 nitrogen production in mind. After commissioning, the generator will automatically start and stop production, depending on the applications demand, without any user input.